Slay The Spire – Defect Guide on Ascension 15 | How To Winstreak


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Slay The Spire – Defect Guide on Ascension 15 | How To Winstreak

In this Slay the Spire Defect Ascension 15 run, I become educational and run you through an Ascension 15 run; I tell
you what I’m looking for, how I want to proceed with my deck, how to prepare for bosses, etc.
We also do a post-analysis of my 4-0 streak to show you how the Defect is winning runs on Ascension 15 and in general. I think the Defect is in a nice, balanced place right now and I try to help show what I’ve learned. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Sry but this isn't a guide at all. most of the time you were so fast that I had no clue what you actually did. A guide should explain and show how a certain build works you just demonstrated that you can play the game.

  2. I think the old Conserve Battery was more interesting strategically, but often bad, whereas the new one is pretty good.

  3. Actually I think they changed conserve battery because it was OP
    Too strong synergy with the turbos, double energy, aggregate or plasma orbs.
    you can stack huge amounts of energy and then unload a shit-ton of tempest and or multicast, which you can easily seek, draw or hologram through your deck.
    got some insane energy runs with it without any plasma orb.
    I think it's a debuff but a good onefor balance.
    the new one is still really good though

    Keep up the good job on YouTube!

  4. Have been asking on forums for tips to win consistently on defect on ascension, because I had an awful wr. Did 4 runs and won 2 thanks to them.
    Haven't watched the video yet, but thanks in advance 😀

  5. Choosing snecko eye just to get cheaper echo forms was such a poor decision, it gave you more card draw but you often times couldn't play any of your cards

  6. So I attempted to be more educational in this video, right now the Defect is feeling really consistent when it comes to orb generation,
    frost and focus. In these runs you'll see how you can win using frost orbs as the main way for your consistent, passive defense.
    Once you get a handful of frost orbs in play, the amount of defense the Defect produces is above both of the other classes combined.

    So you'll see that the Defect typically has setup turns to get things rolling, so things like anchor, boot sequence, mind blast, and other
    front loaded damage or block (like chill) makes a huge difference in making sure you stay alive until you dominate. Hope you guys enjoy!

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