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Welcome to the FIRST EVER Slay the Spire Draft Champions! Today, Rhapsody and I face off in a battle of drafting, slaying, and… talking about Japanese food. Enjoy!

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  1. Please do more of this, I have been watching both of you for awhile, and this was such a pleasant shock, that i can honestly say it made my day. Thank you sir!

  2. do this with the Construct Slimeborn and Guardian and see how that goes hahaha (the three best Mod classes although that could go south if you guys don't like the charaters)

  3. Anyone remember the time when olexa have only 2k subs, heh, old times.
    Ps: I still love it when you talk about off topic things in your videos. Like the time when you talked about how uncooked ramen is disgusting.
    Its good to see that your channel is growing
    Hope you see this

  4. Just found you from Rhapsody's channel, i love this so much and really enjoyed this, really amazing idea and execution on the two of you!

  5. Genius, this is a way to make a single player game multiplayer.

    That point aside, maybe remove perfected strike and just replace it with a soulbound (no removal) curse. But the key part being that taking the curse that allows you to grab a random common relic. Since the chance that you get enough strikes (6-8) to make a perfected strike+ deal good enough damage (24-30) is super low so it will always be last picked and removed first.

    With that being said, bad cards are nessicary for drafting games so your choices actually matter, but most bad cards have a niche (like curve fillers in magic the gathering) that comes up enough to warrent their inclusion in the game.

    TL;DR: Good Idea for video series, maybe replace perfected strike because its so bad, I want to see more of this.

    BTW just found the channel, love your choice of background music.

  6. The bit about cilantro is because 50% of people have a genetic defect that when they try to eat it, it tastes like *soap*.

  7. I am a Japanese-American man, and I can confirm that there are delicious uncooked ramen recipes, and I approve of it.

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