Slay The Spire ENDLESS: Defect 1-11


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Slay The Spire Custom game type now has an option for Endless Mode! Let’s see how much harder it gets after Act III…

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. Multi casts doesn't look like it exhausts itself the way Tempest does. A reusable tempest that can be hologram the next turn on top of your tempest against bosses is very good. (most bosses will crumple after two or three hits from this.) It means you could also start using your energy tech on multiple attacks. (Aggregate one. Double Energy one. Hologram Turbo x4 one.) And you should still be able to deal 200-300 damage a shot, particularly with a good set up of Amplify and Bias.

  2. So, with the starting hand seek, you probably should grab every single card that comes up on offer, since it increases the energy generated from aggregate.

  3. If you can pull off a Multi-Cast on your Plasma Orb while you have Tempest in your hand, that could be sick. Especially if you have any energy gain cards to lead in with.

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