Slay The Spire ENDLESS: Defect 1-7


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Slay The Spire Custom game type now has an option for Endless Mode! Let’s see how much harder it gets after Act III…

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Slay The Spire is available on Steam (currently in early access).


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  1. A cool deck. But man with your seeks, holograms and tempest you could get you a lot more destruction. Spending 2-3 turns building the perfect hand and unleashing it would probably be a less haphazard way to play a deck like this. A good option

    -Focus and Biased Cog in your hand but you want to save it for the right moment to get the full power of bias.
    -The AoE lightning damage power.
    -Double energy + all your holograms (use seek and draw cards to get it all) + that one card for three energy.
    -Focus and Bis Cog turn before
    -4 Energy (Assuming best outcome) + 3 energy. Hologram for 3 energy. Hologram for 3 energy. Hologram for 3 energy and then x2.
    -Tempest for 320+ damage to all enemies. Proceed to do a minimum of 36 additional energy to all enemies after the fact. Probably 48 or even 60 if that orb thing gave you enough slots.

    Anything that survives? Well you've been spending three turns on card fishing and defense so you kill it dead with how you play the deck now, drawing a lot and unleasing.

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