Slay the Spire Gameplay Impressions! – Card Based Roguelike Combat!


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  1. Well, that was painful to watch, but most of us were like that when we first play, I can't blame you.

  2. In the video you said you love card games and there are a lot of single-player card games coming out. What are they? And what is your favorite?

  3. Splats I can't believe you didn't toke, I mean given the choice I would have thought you would have chosen to toke. 🙂

  4. Actually the reason you would discard cards would be to minimize the punk cards in your deck, and keep the good stuff – standard deck building mechanic. You don't want you basic strikes and defends – you want your good cards. The less filler crap cards you keep, the more often you draw your winners

  5. First time that I see this game, yet I can say he played very sloppily. No strategy, almost no attention to sinergy, lots of unspent energy, didn't use any potion (at least to see what they do).

  6. Very much like the game "Monster Slayers".

    Although I hope there is more variety in the exploration & what you can find.

  7. Yeah, Splat please focus more on the game itself and read whatever pops out on the screen – the amount of mistakes done here is disturbing. Other than that, keep it up man, great work!

  8. Omfg I can't keep watching this. The amount of times you contadicted yourself and then played the wong card is fustating af! Fuck this seies would drive me crazy xD love ya thou.

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