Slay the Spire Gameplay Impressions – New Favorite Character : The DEFECT


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Slay the Spire Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Slay the Spire and check out a rad little card game where the player tries to dive as deep into a dungeon as possible using only his massive throbbing deck.

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  1. Please do more, I am waiting for it to get out of early access and this scratches an itch for me

  2. Glad to see slay the spire make a return to the channel, love this game so much, which is weird because I'm usually not fond of card-builders or roguelikes

  3. Gambler's Fallacy is to include past events into your calculations. If you are talking 3 coin flips and NONE of them have happened yet, then you do indeed have a 7/8 chance to hit both of them with at least one.

  4. Slay the aspire is one of my all time favorite games. I know it’s cliche-y nowadays, but you should definitely stream this on Twitch.

  5. Been playing since a while now…so hard to get an infinity deck, damnit. And i couldnt even get ascension 1 on any character yet

    Or maybe i just suck…

  6. You misread Force field: It doesn't get cheaper every time you play it, that is streamline. It gets cheaper every time you play a power that combat. Play a few powers and it becomes free!!!!
    Edit Dude: Never take Velvet Choker!! It is the anti-combo. It is a game looser. Restricting how many cards you can play is a sure way to loose. White rhino statue is decent and cursed key is actually pretty great.

  7. Combos I recommend: Seeks (upgraded if possible) or holograms + aggregate + double energy + multi-cast or tempest or any thing that does X damage.
    Another great combo is collect 0 cost cards, + all for one, + seek/hologram to grab all for one.
    Yay Defect!

  8. Slat bro been binge watching your videos hey man are you a millennial? You talk about all the things I remember as a kid 😂

  9. STS, imo, is one of the best sp pc card games I've played. It deserves the highly positive reviews on Steam.

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