Slay The Spire Gameplay – The Silent Assassin Card Based Roguelike!


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  1. 4:08 haven't seen a misplay like that since the last time I watched Northernlion play.

    In all seriousness I really enjoy this game and I'm glad you picked it up. Might go check out some of that Twitch gameplay, too.

  2. Looks like a great game for a series. The only downside will be the 500 word comments from the CCG try hards.

  3. Although poison is strong, Shiv deck is also strong if you know what you are doing (Especially cycle deck). As this game sometimes do not give you the cards that you need, it is good to adapt to shiv deck as well. It is possible to deal over hundred damage per turn with shiv deck.

    Also it is a good idea to remove your basic card when you are in the shop every time you can. Removing card is more important than getting card unless the card can help you a lot and have a lot of synergy with your deck.

    Also you seem not to notice the "Exhaust" keyword. Any card with Exhaust will be remove from the combat when it is used. It will return back to your deck after the combat.

  4. Hey dude I know you play a lot of indie games but I’ve been watching you for a few years now and I think this game would be right up your ally. It’s pre alpha now but it might be something to keep your eye on. I’m not affiliated with the developers at all just passing it your way.

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