(Slay the Spire) Infinite Damage and Block? Wombo Combo Deck!

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BOOOOOO They changed Wraith Form so this deck will no longer work. Still, you can replace Wraith From with like.. A Thousand Cuts or Letter Opener and it will work. Also you can use cards like Finesse or Flash of Steel instead of 2x Escape Plan, if that tickles your fancy.

EARLY_ACCESS_015 | I just wanted to live the dream of doing inifnite damage and gaining infinite block. If only Donu & Deca would let me do it!! JUST LET ME LIVE THE DREAM YOU STUPID BOSSES!!!


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  1. Dude- what the hell are you doing? Acrobatics, discard escape plan, and play escape plan over and over. Acrobatics would have saved you if you just played it in the right order. The draw value outpowers Dazed.

  2. you can try to get Panacea so when you use Bullet Time Artifact negates no draw, same thing with Ironclad Buff Up, it negates reduce streangt lose at turn end

  3. couldn't you have just played acrobatics untill you had one escape plan in hand and one in your discard pile..?
    like in turn 2… xD

  4. Just wondering, would you have picked up/upgraded thousand cuts for this? Would speed up the damage, but would it mess up the synergy?

  5. C-C-C-C-C-C-Combo
    Dazed is my favorite card LUL
    Ohh look its me in the chat
    Love the "Meme" sounds

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