Slay the Spire – Let's Daily! – Another cursed speed run – Ep 487


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Game description


Slay the Spire is a fun rogue-lite / deck-building game in which you fight your way up a spire. Along the way you collect more cards, relics and potions to try and beat all the enemies so you may eventually Slay the Spire!

On these runs I will be undertaking the daily challenge! There is a new challenge to take everyday which has it’s own unique setting for us to get through. Let’s see if we can Slay the Spire everyday!


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Current set up


Motherboard – Asus PRIME X299-A
Graphics card – Nvidia GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti 11GB XLR8 GAMING OC TRIPLE FAN
CPU – Intel i7 – 7740X 4.30 GHz
RAM – Corsair 32GB Vengeance DDR4 LPX 3600MHz (4x8GB)
PSU – Corsair 650W

Blue yeti microphone
HD Pro webcam C920


Graphics – Adobe Photoshop
Recording – OBS
Video editing – Sony Vegas


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  1. 4:44 Setup + Eviscerate looks pretty good, if you can increase your card draw a bit … not that the Silent struggles in that regard
    5:24 That's a crazy shop!! Membership Card, Gremlin Horn, Mummified Hand, Dagger Spray (quarter price), plus either Acrobatics or Piercing Wail
    10:00 Remember that you have a Mummified Hand … all power cards are good, especially if they're 0 or 1 energy … take Footwork & Panache
    After you pick up Girya, you're not going to be able to upgrade awhile … so when in doubt between two card choices, always select the upgraded one

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