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Slay the Spire is a fun rogue-like / deck-building game in which you fight your way up a spire. Along the way you collect more cards, relics and potions to try and beat all the enemies so you may eventually Slay the Spire!

On these runs I will be undertaking the daily challenge! There is a new challenge to take everyday which has it’s own unique setting for us to get through. Let’s see if we can Slay the Spire everyday!


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  1. First upgrade shoulda been LIMIT BREAK… then you can scale mad fast since it doesn't expire 😉 oh, and the str affects feed and reaper too 😛 10:45 with all those high cost cards… MAYHEM woulda been awesome!!!!! 11:51 why impervious? the slime wasn't attacking! shoulda demon formed! 12:34 AGAIN imperv when it's not attacking!!!!! pay attn man! lol 13:17 barricade.. body slam… shoula taken another imperv… 19:58 ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAYS kill the RIGHT NOB first.. THEN the left.. the right nob debuffs you.. though you got em both in one turn.. but REMEMBER REMEMBER the 5th of november! 21:45 ALWAYS look at the cards BEFORE accepting whetstone… just in case you find a card you want, it might upgrade it… 25:39 shoulda taken entrench.. the deck atm is mad attk heavy, you need more block 😛 32:35 shoulda taken the imperv.. thats THREE cards that give 30-40 block with barricade in deck… thats alotta damage you can absorb while pounding on mobs… 54:20 shoulda grabbed metallisize.. you have blue candle.. curses mean nothing.. 39:46 shoulda played imperv.. you have barricade out 😛 48:00 no no no no!!!! MIND blast to start, THEN draw rofl … 49:47 spot weakness 😛 1192 not bad! coulda had better if you'd grabbed the impervs and body slam 😀 but.. you did kick@$$! oh.. you got 158th… remember.. you're TIED to 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158

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