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Game description


Slay the Spire is a fun rogue-like / deck-building game in which you fight your way up a spire. Along the way you collect more cards, relics and potions to try and beat all the enemies so you may eventually Slay the Spire!

On these runs I will be undertaking the daily challenge! There is a new challenge to take everyday which has it’s own unique setting for us to get through. Let’s see if we can Slay the Spire everyday!


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Current set up


Motherboard – Asus PRIME X299-A
Graphics card – Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
CPU – Intel i7 – 7740X 4.30 GHz
RAM – Corsair 32GB Vengeance DDR4 LPX 3600MHz (4x8GB)
PSU – Corsair 650W

Blue yeti microphone
HD Pro webcam C920


Graphics – Adobe Photoshop
Recording – OBS
Video editing – Sony Vegas


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  1. umm… upgraded quick slash only gives more damage.. not another draw 😛 … the tongue clicketh is INCREASING! … THE SINGING BRRRRBBBLLL!!!! … ummm your phone doesn't have VOLUME on.. it's got vibrate.. ya silly! … stop playing bandage up when at full health!!!! 😛 😛 … sorry bud… upgrading corpse explosion was a waste.. ALL it gave was +3 poison… oh… last boss.. STARTING with corpse explosion.. n00b mistake… shoulda played your powers first.. then you might have had it for 0 😛 … and the time is 11h 59m 59s and BAM! you threw away the perfect! < facepalm > … another n00b mistake.. you had bandage up in final hand.. shoulda played it before the kill to squeak out a couple more points… 1922 ISNT that bad considering there's ONLY 7h left… great speed run! <3

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