Slay The Spire: Modded – #2 – The Servant


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Price returns to Slay the Spire and tries to conquer the boss of Act IV – the Heart of the Spire! Can he defeat this powerful foe? Find out on today’s episode!

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  1. lol I really have no clue what's happening in this game 😂 but honestly it's probably one of the most enjoyable things I've seen in awhile, I really hope you keep some of these modded slay the spire game plays going and I hope you keep them between 50 minutes or longer. I personally prefer longer ones since I can't really play games anymore which sucks cuz video games is what living life is to me. thanks for the enjoyable content my dude

  2. That upgrade power is so OP, I imagine that if it upgraded the first card you played that would be way more balanced, because sometimes you'd forget, or like, sometimes you have to play cards in a particular order.

  3. whilst watching this i came up with a mod idea! (if its possible with the current modding system)
    have someone with low hp, low gold and no bonus from starting relic, but have the starting choices (which you can select even without beating the boss, or have them better)
    so you have 3-4 diffrent ''loadouts'' which can give diffrent build choices, like one is a tanky focused one (maybe something like starting each combat with blockade and some block bonus)
    a orb (or minion) focused one etc

  4. Price, can you pin this comment for absolutely no reason again

    And great video btw, touhou is obviously a hard game if you play it, but it is rewarding. I love the nodded slay the spire content but I can never catch any streams so sad.

  5. I think it would be awesome if you somehow managed to do a collab with Wanderbots. I subscribed to both of your guys' channels not knowing you guys knew each other. What are the odds!

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