Slay The Spire | New Character! | The Defect – First Impressions, Gameplay!


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New character! New Updates! All the same terrible gameplay you would expect from Lathrix!

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Spire Playlist for New Episodes:

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Outro music – Kevin MacLeod – ‘Sneaky Snitch’ (All videos! 😀 )


  1. can you try make echo form upgraded capacitors plasma and card draw for infinite rounds ?:D

  2. lathrix. i need.sleep. but, you and aavak keep posting things and i haven't had anytime to watch other then when im supposed to sleep.

  3. You should take a look at Martial Arts Brutality, very fun game, can sink many hours into it. Also very strategic which I know you like, and it's similar to this card based. At least take a look at it. 🙂

  4. I don't mind you being bad at the game, it makes it more intresting, you don't need to apologise

  5. I've just realized… Most of your games only have three syllables in the name to fit your intro… Is this premeditated?

  6. alright lathrix, with how quickly you get orbs you couldve gotten fission card, and well thats a lot of orbs

  7. Hey Lathrix,
    I love your videos, you inspired me to play FtD and i absolutely love it. You are my portal to incredible games but i have one question. where is Kindoms and Castles? I love that series more than anything else on your channel it is astonishing. I hope that you will give me a reply on why you stopped posting the series
    Yours truly,
    #1 Air-conditioner

  8. As someone who also is using this character and done tons of runs with it, the frost orbs are stupidly underpowered. Dont use them it just wastes space unless you have focus

  9. Have you played Frostpunk? I think it would be a game that you would enjoy. All I'm saying is that it's steampunky and it involves cold. I will say no more.

  10. I love the beta art for the cards. It feels like the devs decided to have a bit of fun with the placeholders

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