Slay the Spire – Northernlion Plays – Episode 405 [Sorts]


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Slay the Spire is a roguelite with deckbuilding mechanics, similar to Darkest Dungeon meets Hearthstone. Let’s go!

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We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!


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  1. maybe grand finale and setup? then you just build your deck with some draw and make sure you draw an even 5. Only use I could ever think of for setup.

  2. Well-Laid Plans and draw is how you make Grand Finale work. Add Phantasmal Killer if you have well-laid plans+ and you can hit enemies for 100 every 4 turns. Not very strong deck and not ascension deck, but it's fun.

  3. "I think this is a pretty special actually" – 9 minutes left… 🙂
    "This one has a real shot at greatness" – 7 minutes left.

  4. Grand Finale works best with Well Laid Plans to retain it, and cards that draw cards, since you can choose to play (or not play) the card draw to plan to get 0 cards left in your deck.

  5. Grand Finale is just a trash fire of a card. If it finds its way into your deck, pretend you got an Injury, accept it as the dead card it is and just ignore it. Yes, you can technically play it sometimes, and yes you could build a deck entirely around making it playable. I don't care, its not worth the trouble of having that card exist.

  6. I haven't watched this yet.
    I haven't read the "advice" comments yet.
    I want to preface this by saying, you play on a higher ascension level than I have attained.

    I would not recommend you listen to the vox populi.
    There is undoubtedly value to be gleaned from it, but the disparity in levels of skill and experience present within, in combination with a lack of context concerning any individual note's playstyle or preferences, seemingly invariably produce a confusing discord by which the aforementioned value can only be successfully strained by a listener who has enough wisdom and knowledge to not need advice in the first place.
    It seems as if you are being pulled in many directions simultaneously, many of which are likely non-valuable for various reasons.
    As alternatives, since you seem to be growing increasingly frustrated with your own performance, I would humbly suggest you play on your own, away from the clamor of the masses, and take diligent notes. Perhaps assign yourself a specific seed, to be played and replayed with various differences in approach so you are more able to analyze the specific variables for each situation in a given run.
    Or, perhaps, you could seek the advice of someone who has demonstrated regularly their abilities in-game, in an attempt to learn via emulation of their decision making processes.

    Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck. I very much enjoy the series regardless of your success.
    Though, I am filled with a sense of collective triumph when you succeed. I'm rootin' for ya. <3 Good luck!

  7. how to make grand finale work:
    Expertise lets you draw the exact amount of card so you have 0 left with phantasmal killer you will do 120 damage every turn when set up.

  8. yo im somewhat consistent watching NL's sts uploads, and recently he's been 4 for 4 on that wheel. greatness is coming.

  9. I love that he really embraces the whole concept of The Silent, especially the silent part of it these days.

  10. I've made grand finale decks work, you basically take only draw and cycle cards (prepared+, acrobatics, escape plan stuff like that) and you do the math every turn you pretty much always draw it.
    Definitely not the strongest archetype and worthless against the heart, probably wont cut it on this high ascension

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