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Slay The Spire Review 2018 – Welcome to my Slay The Spire review. Slay The Spire is a deckbuilding dungeon crawler with roguelite elements. In this Slay The Spire Review we talk about the main features of the game and where the inspiration behind the game comes from. There’s footage of various minions, cards, relics and more.

Your journey will differ every time in Slay The Spire as you attempt you make your way up as it’s procedually generated. Currently you have two classes to select which is a Warrior type class and a Rogue class but expect more in the future.

As you make your way through Slay The Spires map you’ll encounter various monsters and encounters depending on which path you choose. This game is all about choice, take risks and earn big rewards but you may just die quicker also.

If you’re looking for gameplay videos be sure to check out Northernlion and he loves this game.

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  1. It is way better to kill monsters using cards rather than just slashing or shooting repetitively. The game is promising and I do hope for more content and better visual since I don't think it is going to be competitive.

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