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In this 2019 GDC talk, Mega Crit Games’ Casey Yano shares the process and thoughts on adding value to a game, building a community, and how various decisions factored into making Slay the Spire one of the top-selling indie games of 2018.

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  1. I think everyone has his own destiny. Someone get there quickly, someone slowly, someone never get there. Anyway i am very happy for you and i hope i will get there too, sooner or later. Maybe.

  2. Thank you for this talk! I really appreciate the speaker’s straightforwardness and honesty. Valuable info/experience

  3. Great talk, thanks. Interesting to see for how long it WASN'T really coming together, or getting traction.
    Seems like this game really took off from people just playing it, word of mouth (kicked off by giving lots of codes to lots of streamers, I guess!)

  4. I'm fascinated to know more about the "language parsing" to sort through useful feedback!

    Like, are they looking for spam, or just "bad spelling" and things! Haha. I'd filter out everyone who writes in where I find instances of "i" not capitalised, and other poor grammar.


  5. Worth mentioning that the Chinese streamer (谜之声) mentioned in the talk also worked on the first draft of STS's Chinese translation.

  6. Success by taking someone elses well received game (Dream Quest) one by one and making some improvements + far superior visuals, and act like it was all the own idea

  7. This is very helpful and gives a lot of insight into the development routes of an indie game that has differing popularity over time

  8. As a indie developer myself, I love to see young people like him (I mean, at least he looks young) succeed. I know that for each one that achieves something big there's a lot of people that doesn't, but that still gives me hope and keeps me going! We'll get there!

  9. Pretty good talk, lots of data, lots of juicy knowledge. He was nervous in the beginning but relaxed towards the end. Q&A was fruitful. 10/10

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