Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 12 – GOOGLY NIPPLES


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Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 12 – GOOGLY NIPPLESwas extracted from

Trying to slay the special Act 4 boss as all the classes.

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  1. i almost always take Evolve whenever i see it because even if im not doing a self-status deck there are a LOT of enemies that stuff your deck with junk. It heavily, heavily counters them.

  2. I feel like Twitch viewers for Quill are from a different planet. I put down a comment on episode 10 saying the googly eyes on the cards were disturbing, and it got up-voted a bunch.

    Now there's this episode from his live stream where the Twitch viewers legit voted on card choices based on googly eyes. -.-

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