Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 3 – Defect


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  1. mummy hand only discounts a card until the end of the turn, not until the end of combat, therefore scrape cannot pull anything made 0 cost in that way. Madness does make cards free for the rest of combat and those do count as 0 cost for scrape and all for one.

  2. 29:23 Then he unintentionaly picked a card the options were:
    Streamline (2 energy – 15 dmg, reduce card cost by 1 this combat)
    Go for the Eyes (0 energy – 3 dmg, if enemy intends to attack, apply 1 weak)
    Auto-Shields (1 energy – If you have no block, gain 11 block)
    Barrage+ (1 energy – 6 dmg for each channeled orb)

  3. I still don't understand why frost orbs don't grant 3 block at end of turn rather than 2. Two block just seems so worthless.

  4. Frost orbs without any way to deal damage is a bad way to build a deck.
    Unless you have the keep armor relic and the attack that deals damage for every frost orb channeled.
    If not then you are basically hoping to get Creative Ai and you hope it carries your deck.

  5. The buffer blocks the bleedover trample damage that got through your armor first.
    So the second 13 damage attack was exact lethal to kill you.

  6. Skipping Boot Sequence with Deadmans Branch does not feel like a good idea, because it is basically free 10 block turn one, cause you get another card to replace it. Enjoyed the video keep it up on the road to act 4

  7. Double Capacitor and Double Defragment plus all the orb generation you can get = so much fun. Your deck had a chance, but it was way too slow without stacking the block to match the rampant spikes in attack damage the game does.

  8. When I was unlocking the keys, I hadn't realised you could do it with Ascension mode turned off, though I'd knocked it down to level 1 to make things a little better. Even with Ascension mode off I still struggle with the actual unlocking though, it's not THAT much more difficult.

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