Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 4 – Defect


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  1. Voids are actually not bad. you lose 1 energy ONCE when you draw it then it exhausts at the end of your turn. upgrade it and it means you get 3 energy for the cost of 1

  2. Really strong run there. Gambling chip helped out and being able to pile up lightning and frost orbs like that worked out well.

  3. So I'm sitting here, working on some rpg stuff, listening to Quill in the background because that's just how I do. I hear him playing the Defect, my favorite character, and know he's trying to unlock the 4th floor so I'm interested in what he's doing. He makes some mistakes in my opinion, but so do I, so I'm not upset. But then I hear him say he put up an 'insane' amount of block, so I look up at me screen and see like 37 block… Soooo, good luck on the 4th floor boss Quill! I'm rooting for you!

  4. This round is so different from your other episode, it doesn’t even look like you are playing the same character

  5. just got to act 4 for the first time today, getting all the poison stuff with the silent makes runs so quick. Alas I did not win the game.

  6. Fossilized helix gives you one charge of Buffer at the start of combat, so you can see whether or not it's active in your character's buffs.

  7. Was it a really lucky run to get all those artifacts and cards or is Defect that broken?

  8. I got gambling chip at the start of a Silent run. With her starting Relic, you can basically get whatever opening hand you want. It's pretty good.

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