Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 5 – Ironclad


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  1. Love your style and energy! I do have some feedback. You really crunch the numbers well but it is very difficult for me to follow along at home, I'm not suggesting you change your style of narration but rather, hover the mouse pointer over items for longer, even if you're not looking at them it's really helpful for us to read what they do. Thanks again I think you're really talented!

  2. It's weird how different people react to the heart. Quill's reaction is "we're definitely going to try this again". My reaction was "well, that doesn't seem fun at all". Which is honestly one of the reasons why I like watching game content on YouTube and Twitch. It's always good to see how other people experience games and be reminded that my tastes and opinions are not universal tastes and opinions.

  3. When removing cards try to focus on strikes rather than defends. Strikes quickly lose value compared to every other attacks while defends stay relevant.

  4. interesting….the Heart actually does a good job at hitting every deck type.
    Mass defense with either the Anchor or Barricade sounds like it would have the least issues but only just, and assuming you get it going right off the bat.
    Wow…thats brutal…

  5. Did anyone else get seriously upset that Quill Constantly forgets that Dual Wield can copy a POWER. Tha amount of times he could have had 3 Inflame+'s………

  6. I feel like you underestimate upgraded True Grit. May not have been perfect this run, but even then probably good, for its burn/daze/wound exhausting powers, plus just generally tuning your deck by eliminating cards that are circumstantially weaker than usual.

  7. I love watching you play slay the spire infuriating at times but always a wild ride start to finish. 12/10 premo Quill videos

  8. You are so painful to watch some times. I like your vids but your second guesses and indecision’s have me pulling my hair lol

  9. If you now take some advice and spoilers, the heart has the 3-turn patron (after the initial debuff vuln-weak-frail-every status card): Big hit, small multihit, buff. The first buff cleanses himself, gets extra strength and adds two artifacts. However, the longer the battle strays, the bigger the strength buff it is (I've seen a +50 strength boost, which is like 700 damage with the multihit).

  10. Quill, am I an old man since I miss your NetHack ramblings, or just a disoriented geek stuck in a quarry with only a stupid hawaii shirt and a camera? 😉

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