Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 9 – The Silent


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Slay the Spire: The Quest for Act 4 – Ep 9 – The Silentwas extracted from

Trying to slay the special Act 4 boss as all the classes.

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  1. Hey Quill, any chance to see a few modded runs once your through ? Something like "The Slimebound" are really good.

  2. Interesting… you happened to come out in the middle of a lunar eclipse, and there are lights from colonies on the moon showing.
    Either that or there's a very large hole in the moon, yet it hasn't broken up or collapsed in on itself… looks more like the former though.

  3. what do you get once you finish it with all 3 classes (I'm missing assassin because i really dislike the style unless you get the right deck)

  4. Upgrading Intangible needs to remove the ethereal effect , It already lasts for only a turn and costs 1 energy each time

  5. You've passed up Masterful Strike so many times, I'm not sure you've read the all-new, completely different version of it. Old one was crap; new one is very good if you are not taking damage (which is the plan with a block+poison deck, right?)

  6. A bit late now, I guess, but against the Heart you should stack reactive damage, like Caltrops or Bronze Scales. Those big 3×12 attacks can MURDER it, especially if you can nail it with strength drain on that turn.

  7. Did I miss it or did you never check what upgrading an Apparition does? I'll have to look it up now. 🙂

  8. Hey Quill, if you hit the Malleable when he's cursing you, you avoid getting a curse card that stays with you permanently.

  9. Never skip caltrops when doing a heart run. It doesn't matter what your deck is. You would have killed him in half the time

  10. When i saw spoon in first act shop i was thinking: "OH GOD. DON'T GET INTANGIBLE"

    Welp… Poison still OP 🙂

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