Slay The Spire: Watcher – Ep. 15 [Sleepy Lad Fights Shapes]


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Slay the Spire is a RougeLike decking building game from Mega Crit Games.

The Fourth Character is currently in the beta branch and is free to play at this time!

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  1. Definitely, how you draw is extremely important for how you win, scry is suppose to do that, but more often than not scry just makes me look at my draw pile more. It is good that I do because I need to plan my turn around what I draw, but the scrying itself isnt always useful.

    To win there, I think blasphemy would be needed, but also holding onto energy and picking more defense would help as well. Meditate which you declined, would let you fetch some of those defense while letting you enter calm.

    Lastly, there are those cards that retain that just let you enter calm, those are reallly good for situation like that last turn. You can just hold it until mortal danger turn like that happen and switch to calm for free. I always make sure to get at least one of them if my deck have a 1:1 calm – wrath ratio.

  2. Also, ice cream, you seem to forget it.
    You need sleep cause you are sleeping on the amount of energy it gives you.

  3. Blasphemy is soooo good.

    Flex potion with sacred bark, blasphemy, 54*6 dmg in one turn.
    Most elites dies.
    Also, sacred bark, fairy potion base revive hp is 30%, double that and it became better than lizard tail.

  4. Just lucky.
    It is shit normally, until you get fasting, which makes it quite decent since you lost 1 energy a turn but you can play it for free.
    Moreover, it synergize with weave really well when you have fasting.

    Play weave, (4 dmg + 4 from str)*2 from wrath
    Play just lucky (2 dmg + 4)*2
    Weave back in hand
    Play weave. (4+4)*2
    44 dmg for free.

    Not ultra amazing, takes some set up, but good start for a build, and you often have more energy to do other stuff, so think of it as DnD +44 dmg on your attacking turn.

  5. Tim, sleeping in short interval mean you are either trying to be batman or damaging your mental health.

    It takes a while for you to actually enter a rested state normally. So if you havent trained for that kind of hours, just stick to normal sleep.

    Also, like water, 7 blocks at the end of the turn, 9 upgraded.
    Think of it as 3 metallicize when you are in calm, for 1 energy and 1 card draw cost. Technically, if you grab about 3 of them, most of the boss without good scaling would not be able to damage you. You basically can just defend and hold retain dmg cards. Or path to victory, while you are defended for 30 passively.

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