Slay The Spire: Watcher – Ep. 8 [Hubris]


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Slay the Spire is a RougeLike decking building game from Mega Crit Games.

The Fourth Character is currently in the beta branch and is free to play at this time!

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  1. Blasphemy as far as I can tell is coded as hp dmg. Meaning if you had a buffer or intangible, you will NOT die. Also, if you had a Ragnarok, blasphemy usually kill everything

  2. Halt is stupidly good, if you can switch stances. You are in wrath, play a halt or 2, then switch to calm. Like the halt would have saved you last run against hyperbeam. So dont diss it just yet.

  3. Also, update on thick or thin deck:
    I find on higher ascension, especially with her who has so many good value cards/ retain cards/scry option. You can have as thick as 35 and still be ok.

    You still want to remove strikes, but maybe not on the first act unless you have better damage cards.

  4. Not to criticize you for not realizing this, cause I honestly just found out, you can go for lethal here, 3:00.
    Go into wrath, enemy got 35 hp, strike deal 12, cleanse evil give you 2 smites, use miracle play a smite for 24 dmg.
    12+24>35 you had lethal. @_@ no shame in not seeing that.

    Character can generate a lot of damage that is often overlooked

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