slotomania magic trick watch the coins grow!

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  1. Please!!! Some body help me? I can’t download slotomania cheats. Can
    somebody cheat some coins for me please? I will give you my facebook
    account and password. Many thanks

  2. there is not trick another person play with the same game on other computer
    end his wins apears after a spin in the celphone (mi english is not verry
    good but this guy is stupid laier )

  3. it wont work because its a trick. if i say how its done now then there
    would be no point in calling it a trick. for people who plays slotomania a
    lot well no how this trick is done any one can do it 🙂

  4. He is level 819 so most likely has more money than the screen can show so
    the dollar amount shown is not accurate, 774 thousand is probably 774
    million. The 2 digits after the decimal are not cents but either thousands
    or hunderds etc Thats my guess…..

  5. He is using Leethax from to collect freespins and burns them
    with fiddler on his pc so while he collect all the coins on his pc he plays
    for 0.10 here you can see the xp bar is jumping u alot by it its free for
    allof you and brings a couple million extra a day

  6. hahaha thats easy trick all u need is Leethax to collect free spins and
    fiddler to spin the free spins on your computer then u go on your ipod
    whilest its spinning all the spins u collected on your pc Hahahaha 🙂

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