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  1. This doesn’t work.., instead of this I tried an email because I was told about it by a friend and you
    tell him your email and password, and then in 1 day you should have a bunch
    of gold I wish I could show you my proof but it does work you can ask for
    ANYTHING and they will give. They know a certain cheat that they don’t tell
    but he does it on our account.I asked for 2,000,000 gold and 2 halos and I
    thought it was a hack, when it was not a hack I checked my account the next
    day and they gave me it!!!!!!!They had 1 rule though on their website which
    was you can’t make fake accounts because he wants you guys to get gold on
    that account and he will figure out if you’ve did a fake account if its
    less than 6 hrs do this enjoy!

  2. The other quote of quote cheats other people make (aka sites.. ask for
    passwords and emails) are hacks the one almost EVERYONE in smallworlds
    knows worked it only gives citizen points. The one that are hacks have the
    titles Free accounts, Smallworlds Gold Generator, Smallworlds gold glitch
    etc please hop off my shit and go one somewhere.

  3. I’m not going to argue with you if you can’t do don’t be bitching, okay
    Becky? shut the fuck and sit your stupid ass somewhere.

  4. How many times am I going to tell you this isn’t a hack god you people are
    stupid as’f. Look up Smallworlds gold mulling it the same steps why don’t
    you get your broke ass on and earn fucking gold it only gives on citizen
    points now do 20 missions 1cl.

  5. ffs how could I hack her if I don’t have her email or password you’re dumb
    she probably got hacked using a fake gold generator don’t blaim your petty
    bullshit on me in the comments no one ever complained god your stupid look
    up gold generator they actually make up websites and ask for your email and
    password idiot this is not a hack it’s was called mulling smallworlds found
    out about it and changed it to citizen points because people where getting
    gold for free cabron take your ass on somewhere.

  6. Bethany u are a hacker. How come peeps are complaining about your scam and
    hack?! Stop saying u aren’t an hacker because u are! My cousin tried it and
    u hacked her.

  7. I forgot to say .. Play like the feautred missions to like max on the fake
    account you invited since they did the 250xp do 4 of social or explorer hit
    1000xp after that go to a place where they let you craft for free then like
    craft something then the your real account will get 20 cp and 500 gold

  8. i don’t think this would be real dan smallworlds I mean really there r so
    many cheats why only comment on one but I do agree just earn gold the hard
    way like the rest of us

  9. Hello it’s me Dan Smallworlds This is inappropriate you do not do not do
    cheats on smallworlds! Don’t listing to this avtars… 🙂

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