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  1. Please stop hacking! My real name is donesha but my name on smallworlds is
    Lola vsnterpool.i am 14 years old,and I am very nice.if you ever need
    anything just message me abd if I have it i will give it to you.i do not
    support hacking I really would like people to stop.! But yea add me and
    message me! P.s.-> how do I make a regular video.? I’m trying to make a
    love story on sm..? Please and thank you

  2. fakee ! if you really want gold go to and give them your password and
    email BUT unfortunately you can only ask for 100k or less it takes about 6
    hours to 2 days but the wait is worth 100k gold it worked for me I got it
    in about 7 hours if you think this is a scam then don’t do it then 🙂 ohh
    and btw you have to wait 1 day before getting mre

  3. Its a scam 🙁 I tried it yesterday and i did not open it for 1 day And when
    i open it today BOOM! no GOLD! :/

  4. Like if u see the m

  5. Is it a scam ? I tried an put my real email and password my accout is 94 cl
    oops how?!!!??? :(:( I scard I got hack

  6. @Jordan Wilson hey I want to help so I know what you should do of type in
    your email then click forgot password type in your email then go to your
    email see what the email says then try to log in !!! I got hacked before to
    so I did this and it worked so yea good luck

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