SNIPER SECRETS | Ghost Recon: Wildlands Long Range Sniping Tips!


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  1. playing on ps4 pro and iv sniped at 670m in single player mode, dunno if its the same for ps4 or xb,

    i have used hti,msr, scout tactical and a couple of dmrs, what i found surprising is that the dmrs have far higher range and less bullet drop, though at long range some targets take more than one shot, i killed a armoured unidad in 6 body shots,

    The main way i tested snipers are on cows, at diff ranges and elevated, imo scout tactical stays the most accurate at long ranges even with a suppressor, i also have the perk where suppressor doesnt negates any damage.Hti and msr imo are way overrated in this game.

  2. My longest shot was 961m. My friend and I was tryna snipe a driver from a car for who of those tag the escort car missions. We kept missing until i manage to get it at 961m. Pretty hyped, not the longest shot and i missed about 2 mags worth of shots but i manage to get a moving target

  3. I'm glad to see the bullet drop and velocity mechanics are similar to real world since that is what I am used to shooting. It always bums me out when games over exaggerate drop or have none at all or reduce bullet velocity to almost air-soft levels (BF series I'm looking at you) because it means that my natural intuition of ballistics is no good making the game frustrating.

  4. mine is right around 1300m, go to the salt flats on the northeast part of the map and snipe the guys on the water towers at the train cemetery, also when using the T5xi tactical scope which does the 6x power, the best and longest range scope, the the first tic/ hash mark going down on the scope is about 300m mark, 2nd is around 600m and so on, this is not a realistic type scope, as I was an Scout sniper in the US Army, but I hope this helps, I know the longest range shot I've heard of is around 2000m but that's with someone helping you and holding the target! Good luck and "Reach out and Touch Someone"

  5. 1158 m longest shot from mountain top to valley could visually could see them around 1200+ m blurry but seeable on the ps4 for me . The down side is you almost need to get 1 shot 1 kill or they run away or hide . MSR T5XI scope .long barrel maxed range accuracy and 90% pent . maxed wep skill tree 100%. bullet drop starts @ 300 m on every wep.

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