Sodapoppin banned from World of Warcraft on live stream. . . again

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Sodapoppin banned from World of Warcraft on live stream. . . againwas extracted from


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  1. I just got a 6 month ban for farming frost wolves using an auto targeting and casting macro. So now I won't be playing legion and uninstalling the game. After weeks of grinding mats preparing. FUCK YOU BLIZZARD

  2. I have never been hacked once in the entire time I have ever played WoW.  This guy gets hacked all the time.  Seems like a Moron to me.

  3. "Whaaaat? what did I do?!?" Idk maybe 2v1'd a shaman and rogue while just not dying. I'd guess the ban was due to you being a fucking cheater, but don't worry, like always your fans will help bring you back which Im assuming they did? seeing as this was a while ago and youre still playing. But remember kids, cheating isn't possible, it's all skill.

  4. Wow. Getting Kicked Out Of Dungeon Groups And Raid Groups Peeves Me Off! Why Would People Question My DPS? Like, Really? They Dont Know When To Cut That Shit Out!

  5. I got banned twice once for saying lick cream off my nipples that was a full on ban the next full on ban I said you are GY litrally lel

  6. nobody "stole your account" stop being such an immature loser twat and own up to your own actions. You are how old? and your life revolves around online games and lets plays. Must have a major inferiority complex to have to lets play and try to be "popular"

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