Solution to the Windows 10 0xC004F034 activation error – FIXED

Filename: windows10activationerror.exe

FileSize: 25 MB

Free windows10activationerror is ready for download

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  1. I bought my pc with an key already in, now my pc wont activate and doesnt show a error code.
    Please help

  2. Ok! After Windows8.0 pro Update to Windows 10 Pro is error 0xC004F03(PC is Domain member Win update only from SCCM server). Press Activate buton not work 🙁 Ok. I go to regedit, and delete "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate" Restart Windows Update service. Go to Windows Update. Check-Run. After KB3106932 and KB3135174(and same others as Flash, Malicius etc.) install. First press Activate button is sucessfull.

  3. about 1 week ago i got an update for windows 10 so i updated it and before i did it i had windows 10 pro now after the update it sayd i had to activate it but ofcourse it didn't work so they said you got to buy a legit serial key so i clicked on the link to take me to the store and the price was 279euros fkin greedy microsoft fk off if u think i will pay for it.

  4. Has a valid copy of Windows 8 Pro x64 SK, which I bought electronically directly from Microsoft. The system was installed on my desktop and activated. Future extensioned to Windows 8.1 (formerly I used a box windows 7 ultimate).
    After upgrading to Windows 10 appeared for the problem with the activation of Windows 10.For manual activation, the announcement appears repeatedly:
    "Windows can not be activated. Please try again later. "
    In the "Error details" is the error code: 0xC004E034
    Error Description: Software Licensing Service reported that the license could not be found or is invalid.
    Note: (The Internet is permanently connected and works) and previous OS 8.1 for Windows has been activated. This problem was repeated after returning to the system W8.1Pro and repeating the upgrade W10 Pro.
    Test SFC / scannow- OK (no errors) and dism / online / cleanup-image / restorehealth-OK.
    Please help in solving activation.


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