Some people on MFC just don’t get it.

Some people on MFC just don't get it.

What the majority of models have to deal with everyday.
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  1. That is how it is. I am a model on myfreecams. I do have to laugh when I watch this because this is what I deal with all the time and no one likes a cheap mug just so u know. LMAO. But I do get some great guys that r very nice so there is a few nice guys out there still.

  2. Are you trying to say they get more than that per token? Because that’s the Most I’ve ever seen any cam model get per token is 5 cents and some get less.

  3. Im a MFC model & dis is sooooo true lol Some mfc girls do anything for 10,20,30 tokens i be like fuck dat 100 plus tokens to see me or get lost lol

  4. hahahaha, so true girl. most the guys are nice, but the few fucking jag offs on there just fucking ruin it some days.

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