Soul Knight Final Boss Battles (Zulan The Colossus) and (Varkolyn Leader)


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  1. apperently i got a victory in bad-ass mode, by the elf class why? IT'S EVEN FRIKIN 4 LEVELS (i'm upgrading elf right now cuz it's the new character)

    eh i guess the magic bow did it it's OP
    also i won by the assasin but it took me 4 attempts

  2. i have defeated the varkolyn leader using knight, Equipped with staff of skeletons. It was fun… using that staff

  3. crap sorry fireram YT I let a younger friend use my account and he commented something that obviously offended you I deleted it and sorry on behalf of my friend.

  4. Is there any way to beat the final bosses with just the free to play charecters? Haha.

    (No seriously, I can't beat the final bosses with the free to play charecters)

  5. I only defeated the leader I used the paladin and my weapon is soul calibre and great video 🙂

  6. I wonder how he could kill the boss. I think he's game skill isn't good. He get 2 damage in first room soever there was trap.

  7. I bested the boss in like a minute and a half, the problem was that ur weapon was absolute trash for that level

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