Soul Knight Top 5 best Heroes! (Old)


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  2. Am I the only one who likes rogue?
    Edit: I know in the early stage it's not that good, but maxed out, the tactics become interesting.

  3. I mostly pick wizard and vampire, here are my strats
    Wizard : Increase Max health, 2 Energy-needed weapons,
    Vampire : Increase Health, Get energy whenever an enemy is killed, 2-3 energy-needed weapond

  4. I Like the Alchemist he ist pretty strong if you have the Item that gives you Bonus Poison damage.Have killed all Bosses even in hard whit him.

  5. no assassin? 😮
    i made this profile pic based off him btw
    knight is also good 🙂 MY TOP 5 IS… / (Knight and Assassin share same spots because knight has nice ability and is better for bosses than assassin, but i have to admit that the assasins rushing and dark blade ability quickly clears stages and with enough practice with it, can also be well used to bosses and dodging bullets.)
    5. Paladin
    4. Wizard
    3. Engineer
    2. Assassin or Knight
    1. Assassin or Knight

  6. based off comments and your play style i still think if people learn to use the paladin he is the best because once you get the upgrade so you dont take damage from a broken shield you basically never die

  7. nice video it's just I think you are too defense in you playing, I run assassin and beat the game with a bow and a sword of some sorts.

  8. I love the Wizzard and the vampire, nice video dude!! i look forward to see a new video with the elf and the werewolf :3
    sorry for my bad english :'((

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