Spawn the Defense Unit and Attack Drone – ARK: Survival Evolved


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Spawn the Defense Unit and Attack Drone – ARK: Survival Evolved

💥This video shows you how to spawn in the Defense Unit and Attack Drone in ARK: Survival Evolved (Join The Fattymcbutrpnts club on xbox)

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Keep in mind Admin Commands DO NOT work in single player maps if you are not signed in or offline or if you do not have admin logging enabled on the main menu.

📢Use the admin command giveengrams to unlock the engrams if you are having issues using spawned in items.

📢To use command menu press at the same time.
PS4: R1+L1+square + triangle

Here is a video that shows how to use admin commands.
Commands in this video
Attack Drone
summon EndDrone_Character_BP_C
SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/EndGame/Dinos/Drone/EndDrone_Character_BP.
EndDrone_Character_BP'” 500 0 0 35

Defense Unit
summon endtank_character_bp_c
SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/EndGame/Dinos/Tank/EndTank_Character_BP.EndTank_Character_BP'” 500 0 0 35

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  1. Neither code works. I even used the giveengrams code and then both codes and it still doesn’t work.

  2. It works only in the overseer arena, so do the guardian spawns, but they dont come with you when you beat the overseer and return to the island, you also cant spawn then outside of that area, gmsummon works for all of them

  3. My favourite ark YouTuber always replies to reasonable questions
    Always top of my searches he has a video for almost everything
    Keep up the great content

  4. Is there a way you can spawn this on ragnarok i would like to do abit of trolling I'm a server admin
    Edit: can you kill overseer on ragnarok?

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