Spirit Rework Details, FREE "Exclusive" Cosmetics – November Developer Update | Dead by Daylight

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November’s Developer Update starts slow then reveals some pretty big things coming to Dead by Daylight soon. New info on dedicated servers, the archives, “exclusive” cosmetics for everyone, and Spirit’s upcoming rework (nerf).

November 2019 DBD Developer Update:

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  1. so its been a while after the exclusives got released guess what? nobody fucking cares about them just another common skin i mean everyone has it whats the point lol

  2. Well tomorrow is the big day. I can’t wait to finally have the Untamed Donkey Jacket for David. Especially the new chapter. Jeez this update is huge

  3. I find it funny how so many people were angered at the exclusives being given out especially the event ones, like I play dbd basically all day and I never see the event skins ever. Legit last time I saw the event skins was a month after said events

  4. got the free cosmetics are bullshit, I don't even have most of them or any of the rare ones I just have events ones like david jacket, pro pain hillbilly, etc, but it's just so annoying how people worked for them and turns out there was no point and you get nothing in return

  5. I don’t like how they made the new prayer beads because if the team is a very coordinated swf and someone is getting chased they can ask their teammates working on gens if she is phasing or not

  6. I being a kate main I'm happy that I can get the exclusive top and yeah it's just nice that newier players can get the exclusive without being dissapionted because they misssed them

  7. Just broke my computer from an accident now im just using mobile dead by daylight,for some reason i feel like the killers have a damn keyboard and mouse on them,if not…me being a killer makes the damn survivors receive a fucking keyboard and mouse from the entity xD

    I hope they give the free exclusive outfits will also be given to mobile

  8. But the issue with her was the guessing game she forced you to play. Taking a 50/50 over whether she was phasing or not was what was so uncounterable and unfun. Honestly the only change she needed was a visual queue for when she’s phasing.

  9. Now prayer beads can be used to slow gen completions instead… a lot of survivors at lower ranks will likely hop off the gens once they hear the phasing

  10. Spirits running prayer beads can’t fake haunting to mindgame survivors anymore. Unless the global audio doesn’t include within her terror radius

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