Spotting a World of Warcraft Bot

Spotting a bot isn’t all that hard, especially when they screw up.


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  1. Well look at this guy. Reporting bots. You must be real proud of yourself buddy. I did some analysis of your video, and “essentually” you can’t spell. I find it ironic that people think botting is pathetic, and throw out these “no life” comments. For one, I’m not the one wasting DAYS of my life sitting my fat happy ass in front of a computer screen. In the time it takes to level a character to 80, you could have learned to be fluent in a foreign language. Botters have their reasons, so GTFOff.

  2. So..You spent over 35minutes watching a bot run at a wall, while trying to contact a GM, just to get one little bot banned? And some of the people posting comments telling a botter they have no life…LOL. I bot whats the big deal? Its not like im stopping you from playing your game.

  3. u pay money for some program to play for u? great investment loser i hope those ‘real life’ activities satisfy u because maybe one day they’ll make bots to do real life things as well and whoever said i farm and lvl all day? Theres no gain in making assumptions because i can easily do the same

  4. lol get a life u say? we got a life thats why we use bots to do real life things except you, you farm lvl all day lol

  5. I forgot to mention, I tried to whisper to them in 3 different language, I won’t discuss that now, but I know from the names that the owner should be from my country, and my country have 2 different main language, and of course I know multiboxing are not illegal, but believe me… that wasn’t the case….

  6. no that’s not what I’m talking about, I mean really, they move like robot, 3 of them, I wish I could record their movement at that time, too bad I don’t know what’s FRAP at that time, and can you move 3 characters in one coordinate at ALL times ? once or twice I will admit it was coincidence, but that stacking movement are not natural at all, even when they use auto follow, the movement shouldn’t be like that.
    now that i think about them I could really LOL myself, it was so funny ya’ know ?

  7. they where multiboxing that’s not illegal you just launch wow 3 times macro a lot and copy ur keys over the other wows

  8. nice comeback dweeb did a bot come up with that one for u? i bet they’ll be making bots to wipe ur ass soon enough which im sure u would be interested

  9. I bot leveling up, I bot grinding honor, and I bot to make gold. Do you know why? I have better stuff to do then to sit around all day and do that stuff because I am not a fatty like you.

  10. fuck u botters just lvl and farm normally like the rest of us, get a life u worthless pricks, do u really have to substitute some sort of simulation to make up for your laziness

  11. want something undetectable ? I know, I’m player and seller, just look at website in my profile
    call me petty,scum,or coward, w/e u wish, but I have my own grudge against blizzard since they ignored my report about bot, it was 3 hunter with very similar name in tanaris, their movement and attack pattern are in synch, I reported them trice,blizz say they will look into it, and a week later I meet them (again) at un’goro, so tell me why should I bother ?

  12. You’re a piece of scum you know that right? Why can’t you let people alone they pay for these. What do you expect to get out of this? A nice bid dick lick from Blizzard? You don’t get shit but hey maybe it makes you feel better about yourself and stops the wrist cutting for a little while at least, you honestly need to fuck off guy leave us a lone we have lives we play WoW normally when we can but we don’t have the time to ding to 80 and that’s where the content is so fuck you buddy

  13. Aaah a botter report him (im a child) hihi maybe i get promotion @ blizzard and make me gm.. lol ? tard.

  14. Im really bummed. there was a lvl 70 ally hunter bot farming for the firefly named beitrear on arygos. We reported him. he kept running the same exact pattern and jumped every 15 seconds. I have been trying to get the danged firefly forever and I dont want to pay a bot for in the a/h. I armoried him and checked his acheivments and this guy HAS TO BE a bot. at 70 hes only killed 6 different type of mobs, has no rep with any faction and only done 16 quests.Hope Blizz melts his face off.

  15. acyally that can happen to pple, i for instance have had auto run on for some time and then later i noticed im bugging against an tree or etc.

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