Star Wars Battlefront II confirmed as an Xbox One X Enhanced title. Destiny 2 Beta Is Now Available


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Star Wars Battlefront II confirmed as an Xbox One X Enhanced title. Destiny 2 Beta Is Now Availablewas extracted from


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  1. Stone! Why not be excited for the One X instead of praying for a PlayStation whatever? One X will be incredible. Also the switch is super dumb.

  2. Why in God's name would a brand new game NOT be enhanced? Lol. The Pro has tons of titles with updates that look better on them the they do on the regular ps4.

  3. Stone fox loves to throw shade at Xbox one X. Real gamers know about Xbox One X enhanced games. I feel bad for those that wont be able to completely enjoy the full graphical capabilities of these great games because they will still be stuck on their fan boy ways smh

  4. "Xbox One X Enhanced" Just like Assassins Creed Origins and Anthem is running 2K and checkerboard rendering which is whats the PS4 Pro does… Mind Blown! lol

  5. bro you don't make alot of videos anyway, you do like mabye 3 a week, sometimes maybe one a day its okay tho.

  6. Why couldn't they sell 2 million in a month you know how much Xbox one owners are gonna jump to this upgrade plus PS4 owners are gonna by this system as well dude this thing is gonna sell like hot cakes y'all acting like We don't have jobs and around text time this thing will take off

  7. fk stonefox your a true Playstation fanboy fagget. This news must upset you about Playstation NOT HOLDING BACK THE XBOX ONE X
    sucked in all you resolution lovers now your console isn't the most powerful anymore that must suck for someone who cares about pixels
    Stonefox stop sucking Sony's COCK

  8. If they mention the ps5 at the next e3, then we will only have to wait until 2020 to get it, like their exclusives.

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