Star Wars Battlefront Montage – “AIMBOT!” by BloodThirstyLord (SWB BEST MONTAGE & TRICKSHOTS)

Filename: battlefrontaimbot.exe

FileSize: 24 MB

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Star Wars Battlefront Montage – “AIMBOT!” by BloodThirstyLord (SWB BEST MONTAGE & TRICKSHOTS)was extracted from


  1. Sadly this game is a pile of shit, don't even get me started on how EA buttfucks every game franchise it touches but come on. It has less content and gameplay options than fucking battlefront 2 a 10 year old game. It costs $60 US to buy and now they just mentioned that a 'season pass' to the game is going to be another $50. What the actual fuck is this, $110 dollars to play a sub-standard version of this game, with the potential ripped out of it and shat on. No way anybody should be paying for this shit, its a fucking joke. The list of things that this game should have contained but doesn't is fucking endless and now they expect people to pay over $100 US for this shit? Fuck my life

    It's like if Blizzard made Warcraft 4, but humans and orcs were the only races you could play, there was no single player mode, and only 2 heroes for each race, oh and then they charged you $50 every semester to play it, but hey the graphics are better right?

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