StarWars Battlefront Hack Aimbot – ArtificialAiming

Filename: battlefrontaimbot.exe

FileSize: 30 MB

Free battlefrontaimbot is ready for download

StarWars Battlefront Hack Aimbot – ArtificialAimingwas extracted from


  1. You people are stupid. What is the point of hacking? It just makes other people get annoyed, and that's not fun. Also, don't try linking me to your crappy website because I will not look at it. You are a disgrace to humanity.

  2. It could be cool to hack but if you think of the other players then it would be not so cool they cant do anything against you

  3. I tried to get rage banned 3 months ago. Used an aim bot similar to this and played for 2 months. Never did get banned…

  4. Hey artificial aiming, i'm your biggest fan! sadly I have this for xbox so I can't cheat,

  5. you're encouraging people to hack and it just ruins the game . why hack why :-(

  6. hacking makes the game horrible to play please stop it evryone will appreacheate no hackers just stop hacking plz

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