Stormfall: Rise of Balur. Let’s play in the Battlegrounds.

Filename: stormfallriseofbalurcheats.exe

FileSize: 22 MB

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  1. I would like to buy this program. But I have a question.

    Some time ago I finished BG lvl 102 and I got a reward which I spent by accident un a fight.
    Will this tool help me start again from low levels and up to 103?

    Thank you

  2. Привет, как это прикрутить к мобильной версии игры, запущенной под Win7 через VM Ware / BlueStacks?
    How can I use it with Android version of the game running under BlueStacks which runs under Win Tiny VM on VM Ware Player 12?

  3. Hi! Thank you for the effort you make for this video!

    But…. weeeell….. I'm veeery confused from the begining! Maybe it's due to your (Russian?) accent 😉 . If you know a text version of this, that can be cool!

    – I see your weird graphic. In the first part, the "sacrifice" is the unit you must lose in a battlefield? In the center, I see "you" for the cavalry…. what represent the "you" here? Stong units? The reward pit is in the bottom of the graph in comparison of the sacrifice, that mean "More you increase he sacrifice, less you win rewards"?
    – At 6:40 , what is thoses choices? With "LvL Max", "MAX BG", "prize "MAX BGx2"….?

    In conclusion must I simply:
    – Send an army with a value exactly or a bit superior to the battleground?
    – Send an army with a loss of at least 25% of the value?
    – Or send an army with a special ration I wasn't understand (when I see the 6:40 moment, I think It's work with a very complex equation relating Attk AND Def AND a mysterious BG parameter….)

    Actually, I try to make battlegrounds beyond lvl 25 (It's actually my level in the quest) in order to get better hero artifact BUT I don't want to lose troops for the PvP tournament, whant is the good computation for that?

  4. Thank you very much for this.
    Can you please make a video on how to know how many units you need to attack a player if you know what defense he has?

  5. trust me….it makes no difference trying to be all clever and "work out" how to get best returns. I know….I wasted looooooads of troops. Best way?? Just keep throwing troops at it (that you can rebuild) until you win. Sometimes you get good results. Sometimes you don't. End off….

  6. Hey, if I atk and beat one BG and get no payout, will my payouts be stored for the next time I beat a BG?

  7. I have problem with this program. #1 is how do I know how many units to send to sacrifice for the first wave and next waves. Please answer. Thank you. ( I purchased program)

  8. how did you move the event icons on the main screen? My facebook link is on the right and most annoying. How do I move it to the bottom like you did?

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