Stronghold Kingdoms 5 peasants free every 10 mins

Stronghold Kingdoms 5 peasants free every 10 mins

Short Tutorial on how to boost receiving 1 peasant to 5 (max of 5 not 4) peasants at the last 10 seconds without it costing any resources or gold. this can b…
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  1. He’s right actually, it IS stupid. Sometimes the timer simply STOPS, you get NO peasants and it just sits there. You don’t even know whether to keep popularity up for…nothing or reduce it to normal.
    This game is riddled with bugs.

  2. There is a way you can get 5x villagers without the glitch. Get yourself over 160+ happiness. ’nuff said.

  3. ???? what, no tax, in my video not only is their NO tax, as in you are NOT charging tax, your doing the opposite, your giving a huge bribe, how does what your suggesting be better (I’m not even entirely sure what it is your suggesting), video response please, your 5 word sentences are no enough information to prove how your… ‘idea’ is better, thx =D

  4. for some odd reason you tube REFUSES to allow me to make any kind of responce to your last comment below your last comment!! GRRR >=/

  5. lame video response to my video buddy real lame, this shows nothing, all this shows is your popularity over 150 which is easy to do (provided your not -22 from bandits, weather, wolves, etc as i was in my video, i explain everything in it by the way) if you want to PROVE your claims, do it properly do a video with audio commentary with a high res camera not this choppy fraps crap and make the video over 2 minutes so EVERYONE can see your claim that you CAN get 5 peasants every 1min 30secs!!

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