1. My castle has a thick wall of about 10 blocks in the middle is 5 huge towers 5 large towers 10 small and 15 lookout towers 5 smelters and 20 pitch. 100+ archers 10 swordsmen 50+ Peasents. Everywhere else is surrounded in water and traps.

  2. Cause lets be honest people there are better tougher wolf castles, and pig castles out there.

  3. This is a horrible Castle mine looks sexy and is effecitve so you dont need to have a ugly castle to withstand a half dozen timed player attacks you just need a little know how of how the AI works also your Pitch pots were to close to each other their effect is not cumlative so turning over a half dozen in one shot does nothing but waste resources.. If you want a hot castle to attack im on the English server in World 7 in Cork Country Ireland names Shadowfax Lord I await your scouts and armies.

  4. well sorry if I prefer a good looking castle in a castle simulator , I may be weird . I love that this guy doesn’t put just towers and instead he makes a good looking castle .. all players I see make the ugliest castles I ever seen and not only that it defies reality( yea let’s put a freakin mountain of stone near our keep , that will work ) but if I wanted something casual I would go to games like travian . What’s the point of playing this game if when I go to my castle I can’t look at it..

  5. that pitch and spike pits were raping haha worked fine to me. Where you in the midst of a war or something? everyone seemed to hate on you

  6. Thats total right!
    Most Castles are not beatiful but will survive a couple of attacks..
    I would smash this castle with one army!

  7. Agree + those attacks where badly timed 🙂 U had enouth time to put more troops, much more expierenced player would timed it so good that about 3 attacks would be hitting u in the same second 🙂

  8. Really? Who’s the idiot who attacked you? One catapult attack to get through all your walls, another to kill your captain and cap, third attack if I didn’t cap. Max three waves.

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