1. I’m not a youtuber those videos are for my friends to watch. I have nothing good to say about this is because I’m being honest and if you played stronghold kingdoms you will know this is a bad castle.

  2. Some people just cannot appreciate A good castle when they see one. Sergiu Probably has 5 times the amount of viewers and subscribers than you so… If you have nothing nice say… Shut the fuck up!

  3. what a pretty castle………but pretty castles are worthless. No wonder people build this stupid type of castles with guardhouses around the keep. Just plain dumb.

  4. yea.. IDK if this was a long time ago, i suggest u put more towers so it will take more hits from cats 🙂

  5. this is an AI attack…. it doesn’t prove anything. Get a duke with 5×500 men attacking at the same time then make the video.

  6. its not only towers, its a weird combination of where you place them, where you place ballistas, baracks, turrets, smelters, moat, and it can get really complicated. but it does look good

  7. that’s true,too bad that if you want to make a good castle you have to place only towers..

  8. i realize it has been your starting castle and you must have been new to the game so i commend on your enthusiasm.
    a 7 catas attack is nothing against a structure with ballistas.
    it does look realistic but it is weak. great towers are a must against attacks when you face 100 catas unfortunately. i’m looking for new builts actually thats why i stepped into your video and i had to comment.

  9. why,cuz it doesn’t have 1000 towers ? I wanted to make the construction of my castle more realistic.I know it’s weak because doesn’t have only towers,but I like it.

  10. They can only stop a small group of infantry though. You would need several to stop everyone, it can be very costly if you dont expect to break through.

  11. that’s awesome, can I use your castle as a reference to build mine? :I and say if you had archers you could fend off any attack?

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