1. i donated 1 package which was just over 1000 stone and my quest did not change to a tick or complete, lost 1000 stone 🙁

  2. That’s one of the biggest problems with this game: even if you manually select a location, the game will often place you in a Parish that’s either being farmed, or has no buildings to donate to. So far I’ve tried three different worlds and all three of them have inactive Parishes, and the one time I’ve managed to elect a decent steward, he was immediately deposed by monk “influence” by a far more powerful neighbor. Therefore I can NEVER complete the “denote to parish” quest.

  3. No! You can raid other parishes or you higer the taxes,this way the parish gets gold. 🙂

  4. Click on the building you want to donate. Then theres a button on the bottom of the info and click donate. Another window will appear, click on the resource you want to donate. To the bottom right, set amount then click donate.

  5. 1 packet of Venison is 50. Donations quest that says donate 1 means donate 1 packet
    1packet = 50 Venison
    1 Packet = 500 Apples
    1 packet = 1000 Wood

  6. If there isn’t any building you need to wait until a Steward is elected then after he builds a Guild you can start donating. I have the same problem in World 7,I can’t donate because there is no Steward and no one can build anything..

  7. what if theres no buildings in the parish…im dead serious theres no buildings in the parish

  8. My trouble is that it won’t let me donate when I click on the buildings. Other people have said it is done?

  9. The person who runs the parish doesn’t have a donator building, i have the same problem…

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