Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial – Beginners walk-through

Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial - Beginners walk-through

A walk-through of starting out within a new world. Explaining the different aspects of starting and the pros and cons of each different way to beginning your…
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  1. Is it normal for me to be unable to donate to anything i clicked the building you did the square tower which you can donate wood stone etc and it doesn’t allow me to 🙁 any help ?

  2. hey man is there a way to start fresh without changing worlds. i want to start with a all my research gone is there a way ?

  3. ive arrived at a point where i really don’t know what to do =/ resources are piling up in my village and not sure what to build with them

  4. Great Videos!!!
    I have only started playing and wish I had watched these BEFORE I started 😀
    Keep the good work up Shkdru

  5. can u tell me why this comes up (your account has been blocked by automatic system to prevent misuse). when ever i chose a world, i have only started playing Stronghold Kingdoms for 2 days, please replay:)

  6. Como faço pra convidar amigos? Na “minha conta” não consta está opção.
    Grato pra quem me ajudar !

  7. Hello, when you login through the game client (or steam) on the right hand side you will see your name and your shield. Underneath that you will see a blue button with “select world” on it. Click that and another screen will pop up, and simply click the blue button next to that game world with the word “Join” on it.

  8. Alright this is pissing me off. What the hell does that little red pick in the cancel sign mean that’s above the quarry???

  9. I’m taking advantage of my safety from attacks ‘a’ i’m trying to get a high population by not using taxes ‘a’ giving everyone lots of food…. Is there anything from with what i’m doing?

  10. Awesome vid man! Although I kinda screwed myself in the beginning can’t wait to start over. Nice desktop btw

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