1. What do you have to research (vaults?) to make your castle that big? Im not talking about walls and tower, just the actual castle.

  2. The castle design doesn’t take advantage of the fact that it is a Highlands villa The rocks mean that the left corner cannot be attacked by troops and the towers there are a waste of invulnerable space.

  3. Maybe they don’t help you because they figure that if you can’t be bothered to spell or use English grammar they see no need to take the trouble to help you.

  4. Click the vassal village first, not your own. This brings up the vassal-only options, including Manage Vassal Troops, which is where you send Vassal Support. Which, unlike reinforcements, cannot be recovered once they arrive. (nb: I’ve had reinforcements show up loose on the map after the castle they were reinforcing was razed…)

  5. …and when I say “stone in the corners” I mean as mortar between the towers, which should butt up directly against the white line. Again, don’t any more than necessary expose moat or wall to abrasion by attacking troops.

  6. …and if Wolves are showing up and you’ve got a nice well-behaved Snake or Pig Castle with no cats DON’T ATTACK IT!

  7. The best defense against AI attacks is Diplomacy. You get exactly as much honour for talking the enemy out of attacking you as from annihilating the attack. EXACTLY as much, with no wear and tear. And when the Wolf shows up with 600 troops and CATS you’ll want max ballistas, Sally, and peasants-in-a-box (“tunnels”) to minimize the damage.

  8. You want towers cheek by jowl along the white line since troops don’t attack them. You’ll need moat or stone between them because the towers can’t be immediately ajacent, but you want to minimize this to cut down on the cost of repairs after attacks — let the attacking troops twiddle their thumbs while lined up rather than give them something to dig at. Use stone in the corners, moat mid wall where the cats hit, assuming you’ve got the gold that moat costs and stone doesn’t.

  9. My castle is alot smaller and has around 7-8 great towers 5 large and 30 something lookouts and a few small towers too. completely surrounded by spike traps and ballistas in each corner with 20 guard houses and all my towers are filled with archers (about 110-120) is that a good castle? Compared to this one not really..

  10. Isn’t placing oilpots so close to one another a little overdo ?

    Since an oil pot spread fire within a 3×3 area you will only need to place one pot everysecond unit.

  11. uh oh is there a difference? yea i am sending them as reinforcements i click my village then click the green army icon – then it says click target to reinforce then i click my vassals vill

  12. It may just be lag but are you sure you are sending them as vassal troops or are you mistakenly sending them as reinforcements?

  13. im havin a problem and no one helps me cuz they dont kno either cuz im noob world 8 – im sending troops to my vassal – then once they get there i click on my vassals vill to send them out to attack a wolf lair but the amount of troops is the same as before i sent the troops- ill wait a few sec or min but the amount will still be the same – wtf?

  14. LOL Nice, I came up with a good name, Dragovich, but the thing is Stronghold Kingdoms doesn’t work on my laptop for some reason 🙁

  15. I need a good feaking username lol
    Please help, I want something from the middle ages, not enitrely western names could be persian or asian aswel.

  16. Well, you can take some advice from him and say the corners aren’t going to be attacked so you can skimp on defenses in the corners (smaller towers)

    and all you really need is the core and the outer wall. and of course the perserverance to build a new city when this one falls. Seriously Small towers, quick, easy enough to place archers on, and bottleneck opponents.
    a double row of lookout towers in the corners. cheap. breakable. but cheap.

  17. Great VID
    But as some of us (namely me) are very new to time game is there any chance of making a vid on how to make a basic castle with limited res?

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