1. nice. If you played competitive Stronghold Crusader, you would also raise a high population of peasants and then maximize taxes.

  2. Make sure you’re not sending goods, but trading them! When you open up the screen make sure you have the tab on the right selected, not the left one (screen at 02:03) – it’s located at the middle bar where it says delivery time etc, there are 2 buttons on the top there, the right hand one should be selected for trading… it has to display the “buy” and “sell” icons on the right, not “send”!

  3. how come when i go to trade i cant see prices or anything for things? is it becuz i have never traded with anyone?

  4. You rely on your liege lord for troops while you trade. It is another reason why you keep one monk. So if you are attacked you can interdict.

  5. With 47 to 50 merchants, how do you put troops in your castle when each merchant takes up 10 spaces?

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