Stronghold Kingdoms Village Growing on World Map

Stronghold Kingdoms Village Growing on World Map

If you are curious about how your village will grow after you build more,this video will help you to feed your curiosity. My username: SergiuHellDragoon Song…
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  1. i wont to found a new vilage and i need 30 000 gold for it and i have the gold but i still cant buy that new village charter?!! :& what do i need to do?

  2. i know a player which rank is alderman and he has this great town hall..

    my rank is squire, and i just cant figure out how to get this town hall.

    even though i asked other players which are much higher in ranks… they couldnt give me an answer.

  3. You can be a Prince and have the smallest village on the map.If you want your village to get bigger on the map you need to build more buildings and you get points,with this points your village will grow bigger on the map.

  4. well I have problem I have small village but I am gentleman allready so pls I need help and my village is growing slowly but near to me village has grown up in a week same big as my village aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh it is raging me

  5. Great i like this, but my biggest problem is how do you get the town hall to look big like at 0:18 ? ( im new to SHK )

  6. my village isn’t growing? i have a bunch of different buildings built but it’s still not changing, do you need villiagers too?

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