Stronghold tutorial — (Advanced) How to build a castle (part 1 of 2) —

Stronghold tutorial -- (Advanced) How to build a castle (part 1 of 2) --

Another video, this time not on how to attack but how to defend your castle effectively. This is part 1 of 2 (which will be uploaded shortly). Note if you do…
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  1. okay, firstly you can make only 1 square place with 9 tower around keep, you should place the way out backward,usually attacks come from front
    and sally forth is best deffence, you need at least 2 sides to go out
    ballistas make the most damage in corners, as they reach their catapults
    if you put moats next to white line, you can have only great towers, 5 at each corner, then inside, that forces opponent to attack corners and will waste a lot of catapults, build the spaces betwen towers first

  2. To be specific:
    1) Guardhouse placement is way exposed.
    2) Front-line (non corner) between-tower grouting should be moat, not stone.
    3) Only Great Towers in the middles – the two necessary Large to the corners. You only need two, not four.
    4) Sally port shouldn’t be on the front.

  3. IMHO, this is a target design for someone who’s already got a kingdom and would only be used if you’ve got the faith points and monks to put it under Interdict for a month (a week, if you card) while it’s a construction zone, if you buy a charter (or raze the prior tenant’s work). And it has some flaws…

  4. You need to run the path deeper before it hits the gatehouse, which should should be on the backside of the inner keep to keep it out of the cat zone (since any sensible attacker will know he has to clear the Great Tower right outside the keep’s front door in order to get good access you want to keep the gatehouse out of the direct path).

    You can paint-roller in the stone grout between the towers in one go, relying on the fact that it won’t apply where there is structure, moat, or killing pit.

  5. 1. You should start by making guard houses
    2. it’s best to use large towers in the corners, becouse catapults mostly fire towards the midle.
    Still, it looks like a very strong castle! And nice chose of music too.

  6. cool set up and all but this completely impractical for almost anyone esp some one on a new world.

  7. They would’ve got destroyed anyways without towers in front of them.

    Also, what’s the second and third. Do share!

  8. If i had this castle design i wouldnt have been razed out of my villages so fast.LOL

  9. i suggest u build the inner ring first and then build outwards to make is easily defendable early on

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