Suicide Squad: What Went Wrong? – Wisecrack Edition


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  1. Suicide Squad was boring and pure garbage. BvS was amazing compared to this trash. Considering they said they could have made a different movie about "Joker" says plenty. This movie was just all over.

  2. what went wrong? it wasn't assault on arkham on the big screen hell troy baker even said hed play joker if it was it wasn't all i wanted was assault on arkham on the big screen

  3. what i do feel about suicide and bvs dawn of justice is.. they feel like they are unique and just a story nothing held back and theyre not afraid of making it different they arent hung up on whats expected. just them doing there best. i feel they really are trying rather than playing it safe. i think it is rewatchable because of that

  4. Why do people think that this is the worst comic book movie ever. I hate this movie too, but all pre-Iorn man marvel movies where worse. And I'm on team marvel

  5. People keep mentioning the Oscar win like it means something? Great movies have been ignored and shit movies have been praised simply due to the hype around it. Awards don't necessarily mean talent or quality.

  6. I have never been left more disappointed with a movie than with Suicide Squad. Fuck, I had a huge hype for this movie because of how freaking awesome the trailer was! But then went to the cinema and couldn't stand watching it. Terrible movie, horrible Joker.

  7. I watched this movie twice in the cinema, once for Harley Quinn, the other for Harleen Quinzel.
    What plot, what joker, what anything, I didn't go for those lol.

  8. It was relentlessly bleak. I was so looking forward to it but it did not leave me happy. I love the music soundtrack though.

  9. Obviously these videos are made for you to comment and have no substance. Welcome to the internet, everyone. 🙂

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