Summoners War Exporter – The Enhanced SWProxy Tool!


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  1. This was a great job, made everything much more simple!
    This tutorial should be added to the main website in order to help others out as well.

  2. I can't connect to the game once I enter the proxy setting on my phone. The game loads until it brings up the Hive Account page. That page says "Failed to load page. Please try again later" I tap "Retry", it tries to load for a moment and returns the error, "error:net::ERR_TIMED_OUT" and I can't log in. Once I remove the proxy settings, the game loads fine.
    I have triple and quadruple checked the proxy settings on my phone and everything is entered correctly. No idea what the issue is as other guildmates of mine are using the program just fine…
    I tried both the portable and installed x64 versions of the exporter on my Windows 10 computer. My phone is running Android 5.1 and I have Comcast X-Finity Wi-Fi. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi there! I'm having some issues with SW Exporter. I followed all the steps, but my internet is just gone once i change the configs of the wifi to the proxy's IP and port. The game won't go further the "touch to start" button and neither is the file going to be generated. I also tried with SW proxy, same issue. And now, my SW Exporter decided not to even open anymore. I tried to reinstall, restard my computer, ccleaner and still the problem remains. If you know what it could be, i would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the vid this really made it easier to understand you just got a new sub and like 🙂

  5. Don't work anymore on Windows? Mine says critical error and wont let me import my file. Clicking the pick file button does nothing.

  6. I'm having problems. I did exactly what you did and I always fail to connect to the game. I cant get my json file. It's also weird because the proxy never starts when port number is 8080. When i change it, it starts.

  7. I'm having some trouble here. i did everything in this vid but when i put my json file in it never imports the file. I gave Summoners War Exporter private and public permisions. my android is connected to the same proxy server as my pc. the proxy is running when i open sw and creates the json file. I choose the json file to import and yet nothing happens. i tried running it as administrator. i even tried using the 32bit and 64bit versions of SWEX… EDIT: i used FireFox and it worked. i guess chrome has issues?

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